AISG – A Market Leader In Energy Security
Energy Substation Security Is A Vital Service That Calls for Proven Expertise

Security and monitoring is vital at energy sites and substation locations to secure critical infrastructure, deter copper theft, and limit disruption of power for oftentimes hundreds of thousands – and even millions – of energy consumers. The energy market is a key vertical for AISG, voted the number one fastest growing integrator in North America by Security Dealer & Integrator Magazine’s 2014 Fast50 listing.

AISG has extensive experience in protecting energy and substation sites that include upwards of hundreds of acres and more than 10-plus miles in circumference. For these critical substation sites, AISG deploys powerful, IP-based video surveillance cameras combined with perimeter alarm and 24/7 surveillance monitoring services from a central monitoring center to provide our customers with the utmost assurance that their site is being protected at all times. These vast and expansive substation locations are often unattended, but are frequent targets of theft and terrorism, and, as a result, require a comprehensive and reliable security and monitoring solution. Copper thieves, for example, are literally willing to risk death by electrocution in the pursuit of stealing and reselling this valuable commodity. The only match for such determination is an industry-leading, tried-and-true, energy security solution such as those AISG has developed on the path to becoming a market leader.

Because of AISG’s extensive expertise in energy security and substation protection – and our keen knowledge of the security business, in general – we’ve become the go-to security integrator for security installations in the energy, substation, and critical infrastructure market. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscience to make each energy substation install as efficient as possible.

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