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Security is vital at energy sites to secure critical infrastructure, deter copper theft and limit disruption of power for customers. The energy market is a key vertical for AISG. We have extensive experience protecting sites upwards of hundreds of acres and more than 10+ miles in circumference. For these critical sites, we use powerful, IP-based video surveillance cameras combined with perimeter alarm and remote video monitoring services. AISG also provides perimeter alarm and surveillance monitoring from a central monitoring center.

Because of our expertise in this industry and our keen knowledge of the security business, we’ve become the go-to security integrator for security installations in the energy and critical infrastructure market. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscience to make each install as efficient as possible. Once an install has taken place, we ensure safety through the delivery of 24/7 monitoring services to provide our customers with the utmost assurance that their site is being protected at all times.

US Power Grid Protection