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August 21, 2013


Enhanced security measures in schools across the country, is in the spotlight as millions go back to school.  In the U.S. by the year 2017, almost 5 billion dollars will be spent on security and surveillance in educational settings.

One of the most “at risk” areas for any school is its main entrance with a string of traffic coming in and out this area is more susceptible to intruders.  Access control and CCTV monitoring at entrances and exits will provide protection against these types of threats. A 2 way video speaker system easily identifies visitors who can be “buzzed” into the building.  In some high schools and most college campuses, student ID badges can be linked to a central database for quick identification and authentication of the individual to allow entry to a variety of building, such as dorms, libraries and gyms.

School officials are concerned about the safety of their students and staff.  Surveillance cameras and monitoring of the entire school perimeter both internally as well as externally will allow teachers to do their jobs and everyone will feel more at ease.  (Read More)