Ebola Security and Surveillance Technology in Healthcare

November 3, 2014

ebola security and surveillance technology in healthcareAISG Helping Healthcare Develop Ebola Security Essentials

Ebola has been a trending topic in the news ever since the initial diagnosis and subsequent spread of the virus on American soil in September 2014. The ensuing panic over two healthcare providers testing positive for Ebola has raised the important question as to whether healthcare facilities in the United States are equipped to manage Ebola, which has a 70 percent fatality rate.

In a top-50 U.S. city, this nationally renowned medical academic research hospital has recently employed American Integrated Security Group (AISG) to overhaul their existing video surveillance system into a modern, technology-driven platform that can safely and securely manage patients with infectious afflictions such as Ebola. The video surveillance system offers analytics and the ability to track healthcare providers and their actions by way of behavior modification. This interactive security system is helping this top five medical center prepare to manage the spread of diseases while treating the patients who have them.

As part of their infectious disease containment security (in addition to the system-wide security overhaul), AISG has helped this clinic in creating secure zonesthat are heavily surveilled for healthcare providers that may one day have to tend to Ebola-positive patients. A healthcare provider who needs to enter a secure zone must first put on personal protection equipment (PPE), which helps ensure that sanitary rooms are only used by those that remain sanitary and protected. Via the behavior modification and directional video surveillance analytics, a person cannot go from a clean room,to a contaminated room,and back to a clean room.If objects are left for a period long than expected, the behavior camera-based analytics will alert via alarm the person responsible for monitoring the activity and the healthcare provider will be asked via a speaker at the moment it occurs about the lapse in protocol.

System-wide, AISG is employing special programs such as this Ebola treatment protocol and panic alarm response technology for this clinic along with standard video surveillance for general healthcare security. More than 2,500 video surveillance cameras (AXIS Communications and Vivotek) using WavestoreUSA Video Management Software (VMS) have been deployed as they upgrade and phase out the preexisting system. All facets of this clinics security video surveillance, fire alarms, access control, and temperature management is involved in the overhaul.

As a national leader in security system integration, AISG is proud to assist respected leaders in their fields in this case, healthcare as they work to provide a secure environment for employees and patrons.