Guidelines for Workplace Security

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June 2, 2016

Q. What are some of the most common risks for corporate security and how does AISG address security in the workplace?


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Dear Seeking Guidance,

Common security risks exist in most corporate settings however, every company has unique security concerns that require specific solutions. A complete physical inspection of the premises and interviews with personnel is necessary to determine the proper security procedures that are needed for the best protection.

In general terms, a corporate client’s main concerns are the risk to the company’s assets, preventing theft and protecting employees. AISG first assesses the basic physical security measures that are in place as far as intrusion alarm and locking systems which almost always already exist among the average corporate client. What is often the case, we find many workplace environments are not adequate by today’s security standards and need to be updated.

AISG recommends better protection methods. Upgrading intrusion and detection and adding access control for employees and third party service providers like janitorial service, security guard service, vendors/contractors, building maintenance, etc. ensures better management and reporting of security. A visitor management system can be tied into the access control portion of the system and video intercoms allow both internal and external communication.

Many companies today have operations deployed across multiple locations. When it comes to video surveillance, customers in these industries often need to monitor multiple sites efficiently. Video surveillance and remote monitoring is very often requested by corporate clients. Systems are recommended based on factors like the number and type of cameras, amount of coverage, analytics and storage requirements. Many companies also utilize AISG’s advanced interactive and hosted video central station services

In addition to physical security successful workplace security programs should include information technology policies and procedures including access to sensitive information, appropriate backup and record keeping, and safeguarding data. Processes need to be implemented for external communications procedures, record storage procedures, emergency and natural disaster plans, active shooter and bomb threat plans and human resources policies and procedures.

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