IP Video Surveillance solutions integrate with other essential security functions such as access control, intrusion, panic, perimeter and monitoring systems. Whatever your access control requirements, AISG will tailor the right solution by taking time to learn about your company, industry and specific security concerns.

IP Video Surveillance is the cornerstone of a full fledge security program. AISG professional engineers design IP video surveillance systems that are customized to meet specific needs ranging from a small camera system at a single location to thousands of IP cameras across multiple facilities. IP video surveillance delivers unparalleled protection and business efficiency.

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IP Video Surveillance is a digital video camera and management system that records, sends and receives data via a computer network. American Integrated Security Group offers extensive expertise in IT infrastructure and IP-based security technologies. AISG delivers cost effective networked IP video surveillance for a variety of industry segments and applications.


IP Video Surveillance is the cornerstone of a full fledge security program.

Todays’ security market is migrating to IP Video Surveillance systems that include:

    • Delivers crisp video image quality in an easy-to-obtain manner.

    • Provides more scalable and flexible systems, remote monitoring, easier system integration and advanced features like analytics.

  • Offers real time 24-hour interactive video monitoring — and remote mobile surveillance capabilities.
    • Allows recorded surveillance video to be retrieved after an event to isolate the details of an incident.

  • Maximizes investment. If you have older analog video cameras, you can upgrade your infrastructure and transition to IP video while utilizing your existing analog cameras.
  • Single and multi-camera systems
  • Audio surveillance
  • Video Storage and Management Systems
  • Video Monitors
  • Video Analytics
  • Interactive and Remote monitoring
  • Hosted Video


Thermal Camera view from over 1000 Ft distance.


BioSurveillance facial recognition from Herta Security.


Panasonic WVSFN631L 60IPS throwing playing cards on WaveStore VMS.