Home Automation encomasses a ton of different aspects of home security and home efficiency. From access control, video surveillance, audio communications to smart thermostats, energy efficient lighting and much more, Home Automation is making your home smart and more efficient at the same time. However big or small your residence may be, AISG will tailor the right solution by carefully designing a solution around the intricacies of your project.

Home Automation has taken the market by storm. A lot of entry level products have stocked the shelves at electronic stores nationwide. What AISG’s professional engineers produce is a different level of Home Automation and Pro Audio Video. The engineer team produces high-end customized solutions that meet the specific criteria need to maximize the efficiency and security of your residence.

Full Service Expertise and Resources

Home Automation and Pro Audio Video is where we design and install smart home systems featuring the latest technology that fit your situation! Your imagination is the key here and AISG will do the rest. We incorporate the specific features of home automation that you find useful and set them up so that you have access to them anytime anywhere from your smartphone. Need to let the kids in but you are at the office? No problem. Forgot to turn the heat down before you left the house? Pop open your phone and adjust it. You dream it, we build it!


Home Automation and Pro Audio Video is the answer for heightened security and efficiency at home. Gamble elsewhere, not on the wellbeing of your home.

Todays’ security market is migrating to IP Video Surveillance systems that include:

  • Technological mix of the most up-to-date and robust components.
  • Seamless Integration: Home automation systems needs to integrate with existing products you have in place so you aren’t forced to overhaul everything. Music systems, light switches, shades, thermostats, avtv network, surveillance cameras and more should integrate together on one seamless platform .
  • Simple interface: with such a multitude of different functions that home automation can perform, it is easy to get lost in the mix. A clean, sleek, user-friendly interface makes operating your systems much easier.
  • Reliability: While cookie cutter designs seen in stores may seem like a quick fix, consistency is really the key when it comes to home automation. We implement high end products from trusted names in the security industry and tech industry when designing your systems to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Control Hubs
  • Climate Control
  • Lighting Control
  • Home Video Surveillance
  • Smart Locks (access control)
  • Life Safety (smoke detectors, carbon monoxide)