McCraney Property

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February 28, 2018
McCraney Property


McCraney Commercial Building


AISG has always prided itself on being able to manage multiple verticals effectively. The ability to handle both a casino and an industrial property with the same standard. In order to successfully address the nuances that comes with security in different verticals, AISG has to do its homework to understand what security threats are at heightened risk for the client.

One of our recent clients, McCraney Property agreed to sit down with us and let us pick their brain on what they do, why security is important to them and much more. Based out of West Palm Beach and with a second office in Orlando, McCraney specializes in large scale corporate holdings in commercial industrial warehouses, office/flex, traditional office, and warehouse management. We had the chance to chat with Lori Jadick who is the assistant property manager for McCraney and get the inside scoop.

Can you give our readers some insight on what type of properties McCraney develops?

McCraney Property Company builds, owns and leases out commercial industrial warehouse space from 1100 SF to 1,000,000 SF primarily in the southeast United States. We have multiple warehouses that we lease out to big box e-commerce companies among other vendors. Our sites are located anywhere in the region, with a core focus in West Palm Beach, FL.

What are some of the core values at McCraney and how does security fit into the landscape?

Some of our Core Values are: Building Value, Building Business, Building Relationships, building Environments. Each of those aforementioned aspects remain a core aspect in our day to day operations at McCraney. The security cameras we have on our properties are there to provide protection to our tenants and their property. Our properties are quite large scale so we really can’t afford to take our security lightly. The video tapes from the cameras has been used on more occasions than one to assist Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office in investigations we have had.

McCraney commercial building loading bay

What are the necessary security steps you need to take in your industry that may be different from another vertical market?

Because we build very large warehouse buildings, we by default have very large truck court areas that are attractive to a population that likes to drift cars or drag race. This is an interesting security threat that is probably not as common in other verticals. The security cameras are being used in conjunction with NO TRESPASSING signs issued by the sheriff’s office to keep these groups off our property. Apart from that, it’s just the regular security threats that apply to most large scale buildings apply to us as well.

Here is what it boils down to. For our security, we have literally thousands of options we could go to. There are numerous vendors out there that may even offer similar products. The thing that set apart our decisions is the people we work with. It’s the relationships we have built with AISG and John Martino. I don’t have to worry about getting fair pricing because I have a relationship and a level of trust with these guys now. I pick up the phone to AISG with a request and before I can hang up the phone they are at my doorstep ready to go. That’s customer service.

— Michael Lanford

How was your overall experience with AISG?

Our experience with John Martino (AISG Director of Operations) and his team was excellent. They work extremely fast which got us up and going a lot quicker than expected and since then they have always been available to troubleshoot as needed.

What set apart your experience with AISG?

The quick response time and fast installation of the cameras is what made our experience so positive. We hope to continue working with AISG in the near future.