Message from the President

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October 14, 2016
Message from the President
Garland Solar Generating Facility

Increased threats like physical violence, cyber attacks, robbery and sabotage are all too real in today’s world.

Maintaining our clients’ security to prevent disruption and loss is one of AISG’s primary concerns. We constantly reevaluate what is needed to stay ahead of the risks that currently exist and make sure our system solutions are responding appropriately to them. We recommend our customers do the same regular review of their security programs. One recent trend that both AISG and end users cannot discount is the interrelationship between physical and cyber security. It is impossible to ignore when assessing security vulnerabilities within all of the verticals AISG serves and most importantly, for critical infrastructure.

Increased threats like physical violence, cyber attacks, robbery and sabotage are all too real in today’s world. As threats change, solutions must also evolve. Critical infrastructure organizations are beginning to realize that utilizing the most successful proactive measures and practices available to them is the best approach to security. In the end, prevention is much less costly than a devastating loss.

In many cases, however, the bar needs to be raised in terms of the current state of security that exists in these organizations. Antiquated security systems are no match for the sophisticated criminal attacks that are happening on a regular basis.

The AISG team of network and electronic specialists continuously examines the security systems we propose to new and existing customers for capabilities to mitigate potential threats. We want to be your partner and better understand your organization’s security objectives.AISG trusted security experts can determine the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

What differentiates AISG from your average security dealer in the alarm business is that we are experienced in IT and physical security. We believe, for example, that digitalization is an important tool for advanced protection. Best of breed IP-based systems integrated with megapixel cameras, video management systems, access control and card readers on the network can protect the enterprise out to the edge. Not only are layers of protection built into the equipment software, the technology can be effective in establishing physical and virtual access verification to alert if someone breaches the physical security system or accesses the network, retrieves data, download files or makes any changes to the data.

Many critical infrastructure clients face major issues like a large number of people who need protection, the number, size, scope and location of their sites and the huge and varied number of valuable assets. Increased regulations from regulatory agencies like NERC come into play as well as other state and local agencies’ policies. Budget restraints compete for limited dollars within the company for improvements and upgrades to existing infrastructure and new programs. AISG understands the lack of resources available. We can shift security from a cost center to a profit center by working together on a proven solution.

– Levy Acs, President