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Thief River Falls, MN

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Arctic Cat started in 1960 in Thief River Falls, MN, and today, the majority of the company’s manufacturing still takes place within this factory location which assembles ATVs, snowmobiles and other recreational vehicles. The Arctic Cat manufacturing facility remains a buzz all day and night with three round the clock shifts of employees coming and going. The large expansive property is in need of more surveillance coverage in the main employee parking lot, among other areas. Arctic Cat Security management selects AISG for the project based on AISG’s experience and ability in securing critical infrastructure, as well as its upstanding reputation for supporting other facilities in N. Minnesota.

Project Summary

While Arctic Cat employees are busy creating the ultimate off road riding experience, security and facility management personnel at the manufacturing plant are making sure employees are safe. Marketed under the Arctic Cat name, the company manufactures about 30 types of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and about 60 snowmobile models. The outside of the Thief River Falls, MN manufacturing facility is a large area covering some 20 acres. There is the main building and a salvage building/storage lot on the grounds of the property.

Shawn Flaten, Arctic Cat Security, Supervisor and Mike Helgeland, Arctic Cat Security Systems Maintenance, invite AISG to a discovery meeting where they inquire about AISG’s capabilities and discuss Arctic Cat’s security needs, threats and corporate security concerns.

The existing surveillance system with only a few very old analog cameras is no longer sufficient. The top priority is the need for more coverage in the main employee parking area. The front parking lot of the manufacturing plant alone is 14 acres. Video surveillance is also required on the adjacent 4-acre salvage building/storage lot. AISG presents a comprehensive overall security plan and Arctic Cat agrees to get Phase One underway immediately.

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Video Surveillance
Remote Monitoring
Network Infrastructure

System Design

Arctic Cat wants video surveillance in the employee parking lot and to be able to monitor the entrances at the plant to see who is coming in. Surveillance at a separate remote site is also included in the project. The client wants AISG to interconnect the main manufacturing facility and the remote salvage building and storage area; plus cover everything in between the two buildings. Distance is the challenge for interconnecting the system into one head end and the client insists on no trenching in the parking lot. Fortunately, existing fiber in these areas proves to be the best option.

Distance and obstruction from trees make fiber the right choice. Considering the high megapixels cameras, with fiber nothing drops and you get constant recording. AISG creates the network for the new IP cameras and for processing data and text and generating reports. UPS battery backup is also provided. Two network IDFs are required for visibility into the security posture of the network: one at the remote building and one at the local site; and they are interconnected with the fiber that is already there.

All high end equipment is being used starting with a Wavestore Enterprise server for video management and dewarping, and Netgear as the network switch setup. A host of different types of 5 megapixel and 12 megapixel IP cameras from Axis Communications and Vivotek are employed, including: 360, dome, fixed, bullet and p/t/z models.

A total of 35 IP cameras are wired and installed. Depending on what is being covered, AISG chooses the camera that will give the best performance. For example, in the parking lot, AISG chooses the Axis Q60 p/t/z series because it offers an option to add a ring with four cameras for a 360 degree overview. The entrances are equipped with wide dynamics cameras, as well 360 degree cameras inside and the outside 360s feature IR.

Arctic Cat is well set for growth and security management is happy that the new systems installed can be expanded along with the company. Phase One is now complete, representing about 50 percent of the overall initial proposal. Phase Two and Phase Three are now being looked at which include an IP card access control solution and more surveillance options. For additional video coverage to the rest of the parking lot area where wire could not be pulled, AISG is recommending two fully equipped and self-contained camera poles with solar and battery back-up for future consideration.

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