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MadRag is considered the ultimate fashion destination for young womens clothing that is both innovative and edgy. MadRag stepped into the fashion scene in the fall of 2007 and has not looked back since. MadRag has been renowned in the Fashion Industry for their ability to strike the delicate balance between being budget conscious while still remaining trendsetting in the rapidly changing fashion industry. With currently 60 stores in operation across the United States and averaging 5+ additional stores being opened annually, MadRag, similar to AISG, has absolutely no plans of slowing down at any point in the near future!

Project Summary

AISG’s relationship with MadRag started with a request to design and install a video surveillance system at a new location of theirs, located in West Palm Beach, Fl. AISG put together a proposal which would involve utilizing a combination of fixed IP cameras and 360º cameras, with Wavestore recording in order to take full advantage of 360º camera technology. Following the success of this initial installation, AISG was brought in to assess video surveillance systems in place at some of MadRag’s higher-priority stores that had various issues with existing analog video systems. After servicing numerous stores’ analog systems, AISG approached MadRag about hosted video opportunities, which would provide MadRag with a state-of-the-art IP camera system with zero upfront costs, no system maintenance, and flexibility to view and download video at any time which would maximize their security while simultaneously allowing them to cut overall costs. In May of 2016 AISG began the roll-out of hosted video in seven MadRag stores and currently AISG is working to continue the expansion of hosted video services in MadRag stores.

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Hosted Video

System Design

The Initial video system installed at the MadRag store in West Palm Beach utilizes a combination of Sony and HikVision fixed IP cameras to view the front entrance, sales floor, stock room, and safe area, and a 360º camera to view the large cash wrap area. Wavestore recording was chosen in order to take full advantage of 360º camera technology. A Public View Monitor is placed inside the store entrance to alert customers that they are under surveillance as they enter the store. Subsequent roll-out of AISG hosted video in MadRag stores also utilize Wavestore’s Virtual Management Suite. AISG and MadRag developed a standard system design for each store, that consists of six HikVision fixed dome IP cameras, a 10” public view monitor inside the store entrance, and a Louroe audio monitoring system. All video is recorded and stored at AISG’s new headquarters utilizing Wavestore VMS, allowing MadRag to remotely view and download video at any time, with the flexibility to expand their operation as needed coupled with the peace of mind knowing that recorded video is secured off the store premises but can still be accessed seamlessly.

MadRag is a valued partner of AISG and we look forward to our continuous work together at an array of their new locations.

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