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ShopRite is a retailers’ cooperative (co-op) chain of supermarkets in the northeastern United States, with stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. ShopRite has grown into the largest retailer of individually owned and operated affiliates in the United States with close to 300 stores. The owner of ShopRite of Selden is not happy with the coverage from the existing IP video surveillance system in place at the Long Island, NY grocery store location and contracts AISG to revamp the system.

Project Summary

Charles Gallagher, Gallagher Family Markets, owns and operates the ShopRite of Selden, NY. After four years of frustration with the IP video surveillance system in place within the supermarket, the owner and the director of loss prevention turn to AISG for help. Shoplifting is very common in grocery stores and it is imperative to the owner that shrinkage is kept at a minimum. Gallagher is also concerned that the existing video surveillance system is not successful from a liability perspective. Whenever questionable incidents occur, the existing cameras are often out of position. Either the occurrence is not recorded or the recorded video is not saved because of lack of system retention. AISG replaces the video management server, repositions the existing IP cameras, and, in areas where the most coverage is needed, adds fully integrated 360 degree cameras. A new fiber network and IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) are also installed. ShopRite of Selden is now equipped with a top shelf video management and storage system to catch potential thieves, protect customers and staff and view any suspicious activity.

Vertical Market

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Video Surveillance
Network Infrastructure

System Design

AISG assesses the ShopRite of Selden and determines that the 82 AXIS Communications IP pan/tilt/zoom and dome megapixels cameras throughout the store are of excellent quality but are positioned improperly; and the line of site is extremely poor. The owner is not getting clear and detailed images due to the substandard network that the system is operating on. AISG also finds that the network is only 12 terabytes allowing only 2 days video retention. AISG installs a new network infrastructure with upgraded switches and fiber. Immediately, retention goes from 2 days to 60 days.

To address the huge areas that do not have any coverage, AISG adds 35 Oncam 360 degree 12 and 5 megapixel cameras. Along with the 360s, AISG shuffles around the existing cameras to monitor cash registers, office and check cashing areas, grocery and specialized aisles like health and beauty, restricted merchandise areas, stock receiving areas, freezers and other vital parts of the supermarket. AISG replaces the Exacq server with a Wavestore video management system that dewarps the 360s and increases storage. The new video surveillance system at ShopRite of Selden now offers complete coverage across the board to help monitor and protect the store from theft, as well as help insure the safety of customers and employees. Loss prevention can easily and quickly view the entire facility through in store monitors or remotely. An IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed by AISG, coupled with a large screen monitor, shows customers when they come in the store that they are on screen.

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