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The Seven Clans Casino in Thief River Falls, MN is an action packed gaming center located just a few hours north of Minnesota. Featuring a variety of slots, video poker, keno and blackjack, the gaming center is just one part of the Thief River Falls Casino. With a state of the art hotel that is home to top of the line amenities and a full service restaurant, the Thief River Falls Casino is truly an escape from the daily grind!

Project Summary

AISG’s work with the Seven Clans Casino Group began back in July of 2017 and featured multiple aspects that AISG had to complete before moving on to the next stage of work.

For starters, AISG was contracted to install 450 new cameras all of which needed to carry 1080 p resolution at 30 frames per second across the board. With casinos, it is critical to leave no corner unwatched so wide angle, dynamic range cameras are a necessity for all gaming floor locations. Beyond that, casinos typically require a higher than usual retention rate for the footage gathered by the cameras so that they can quickly go back to prior events and analyze situations accordingly.

Vertical Market



Video Surveillance

Network Infrastructure

System Design

The project also required new cabling having to be laid down as the foundation for the transmission of video and power throughout the facility in Thief River Falls. For network and conduit, AISG was careful to test and alter all conduits and risers that could be reused while handling all new conduits and raceways needed to complete the project. The network was also in need of change.

For starters, a dedicated network featuring several layers of switches was implemented in order to handle the large data throughput of high megapixel cameras. Beyond that wireless access points, command center workstations, servers and monitor wall processors were all handled by AISG.

A special request came in from the Seven Clans Casino group that AISG was happy to oblige by. The Casino Group wanted a better grasp and understanding of how the system being installed by AISG worked. Some clients prefer to be very hands off from the security system where other clients like involved and informed with what is going on. In order to do this, Seven Clans assigned two technicians to participate in the cabling and camera installation. The idea here was that the most effective way for the seven clans techs to understand the layout and nuances of the system was to have them on site throughout the entire process.

Upon the completion of the project, AISG is scheduled to work hand in hand with Seven Clans to run an additional program for their techs to fully understand the system so they can operate the system moving forward. Beyond that, AISG has agreed to run a continued training program through Web x/remote curriculum in which there will be periodic training clinics that will run through the duration of the 3 year warranty period. The system updates and tweaks will be conducted by AISG in tandem with the Seven Clans IT department.

AISG field tech wiring servers

AISG field techn programing cameras

AISG field tech installing surveillance camera

Project details

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