Tranquility Solar Generating Facility

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Tranquility Solar Facility

Signal Energy is a full service design/build contractor providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for renewable energy and infrastructure projects across North America. Signal Energy is in charge of the planning, design and execution of the Garland Solar Generating Facility solar energy project.

Project Summary

Customer wants AISG to install the latest in fully efficient security technology comprised of video, access control, perimeter protection and remote monitoring at the Tranquility Solar Generating Facility (SGF), located on a 3,800 acre site in Fresno County, CA. Housed within the confines of the Tranquility SGF are a large solar array, and two substations directly adjacent to a utility switching station. Outdoor storage for road maintenance materials, non-operational equipment and maintenance vehicles is located adjacent to the facility and within the project footprint.

Vertical Market

Utility/Energy (Solar)
Critical Infrastructure


Perimeter Protection
Video Surveillance
Access Control
Interactive Monitoring

System Design

The site is secured by approximately 95,000 linear feet of 8 foot-high chain link perimeter fencing through which access is controlled via an Aiphone IP video intercom and locked gates at multiple points of site ingress/egress. High resolution IP video surveillance utilizes Davantis video analytics and a WavestoreUSA video storage and management system integrated with environmental Flir thermal and Axis day/night infrared IP cameras installed throughout the facility on solar powered poles with industrial network switches and wireless adapters for complete perimeter coverage. In addition AISG is using strobe/sirens at each pole to pin-point and guide the authorities upon events. AISG is also providing interactive remote video monitoring.

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